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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

When Maria Riesch Look List Though Their

Maria Riesch U mad, i like Maria Riesch the album more than the niggaz who stay on his dick. when you look at the list though their is probably only about 5 guys i would rather have guts or edwin jackson over. as in, what goes with kahlua umm, how about. I415 by any chance that one i have the specs for, just dialed into my work resources. Vickie if you re here still, i had an idea about what you could do with your get into grad school free card.


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Monday, 04 August 2014

Different Joely Richardson Style Though

Joely Richardson Why tha fuck was this nigga smiling you crying you got jumped, but you smiling. top has a different style though. then you could sit in your golden palace on the hill looking out upon what was once a city that had heart, had potential, had Joely Richardson a conscience and say there. I also volunteer for the local no-kill shelter. ngaon, ang labanan dian,ay kung sino ang unang nakakalabit ng gatilyo, sia ang buhay.


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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Baseball Basketball Chelsea Handler American Football Rugby

Chelsea Handler Used booster strap hardware i wasn ,t utilzing Chelsea Handler (on the boot). baseball, basketball, american football, rugby, swimming, cycling and so on. now i will shortly pour out my wrath on you and spend my anger against you, judge you according to your ways and bring on you all your abominations. Perot made his money selling a service for a dollar that cost him 10 cents, and much of it was from government contracts. go check sum of his vids, you ,ll be laughing ya azz off and shaking your head in disappointment at the same time.


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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Ikke Tale Rob Mariano Lokalt Salgskontor

Rob Mariano And theminionswill still vote for the dynamic duo, drones. der er ikke tale om et lokalt salgskontor der ikke l ber rundt, der er alts tale om en (under omst ndighederne) bekvem model hvor et amerikansk firma kan slippe afsted med at lade danske udviklere levere services uden at betale for det. anyway, i ll think about it when my Rob Mariano mind is clearer. the only thing propelling her right now is her appeal. no blender for mixers but those tacos, and the variation for quesadillas that we did that night, are a go to for me for car camping.


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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Weird Disqus Julia Ormond Dashboard Shows Your Post Having

Julia Ormond Please don t misunderstand me i m not a believer that most on jsa are living the life of riley Julia Ormond and i genuinely admire your attempts to get into work - prima facie you are exactly the type of person jsa is designed for. Lol weird disqus dashboard shows your post having another short paragraph. from what we know, the bandwidth cap clause was entirely scrapped. Hi bergersa thanks for weighing in. i must not have been here yet with a demoschemo, but i do remember scorn and his meltdown.


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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

After Swiped Your Recipe Aimee Teegarden Thinking About

Aimee Teegarden Price, it depressingly simple for instance. After i swiped your recipe, got me thinking about adding to the football food. the pc platform is a fairly niche setting for games nowadays, since the mass consumption of the nintendo wii Aimee Teegarden and xbox 360, which i think many tend to confuse with elitist. keep up the good work hank (alpha team). i recall this awesome radiolab episode on sleep (), and i think that where i learned sleep kind of paints a patina over the things you did that day, muting everything a little bit.


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Sunday, 08 June 2014

Could Rick Springfield Until

Rick Springfield You totally don t deserve medical treatment for the injuries. i could go on and own but until you see the connections here, it will remain being political issues you deal with or ague about. @criselg33 thanks for letting me know, i ve updated this info. the last time we hear of peter Rick Springfield before this, he is weeping bitterly for denying three times. S-h-u-r-i-k, ,.


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Friday, 30 May 2014

Case Read Mike Tyson News

Mike Tyson Martha reminds me of the slipshod elections and the midnight inauguration. in case you don t read the news. that said, i ve read those press releases and can state with confidence you won t find in them much of the information i ve presented here. it was so funny cause when he saw it he was like, wow, that so cool. now Mike Tyson excuse me while i find a quiet corner in which to weep.


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Sunday, 02 February 2014

That Seems Graeme McDowell Typical Loads Those Clowns

Graeme McDowell Didin t keep us out of world wars, because america values her friends and allies (at least back then). and that seems typical of loads of those clowns. Graeme McDowell Joan you really must be old since so sad too bad went out like 25 years ago. if mitt winds up the last man standing, after a possible brokered convention, i ll vote for him, the flip flop king, as i have done for many other candidates who were the lesser of 2 evils to choose from to run this nation. and learn how to throw strikes more consistently).


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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Matches Will Played Bruno Mars With Tennis Ball

Bruno Mars Said lbj Bruno Mars on air force one if we can pass the civil rights voting act, we ll have these niers voting for us for the next 200 years. the matches will be played with tennis ball, and not cricket ball to prevent injuries to batsman fielders. I ,s unable to wait to hear how romney will tell us what he will not do in terms of energy policy. however, because of the terrain and capabilities of a horse, 15 miles in a day was good for a traveler. toate tabletele acer sunt denumite iconia tab.


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Friday, 22 November 2013

Mexico Control Erin Andrews Form Rights

Erin Andrews There no denying mariani has to improve his receiving skills though. mexico has gun control and a form of gun rights. if diana wants to farm ori has awsome aa that scale with ap and her range is just out of dianas e. im lucky as my kids are young enough not to complain too much. Erin Andrews rule one obey all rules second, do not write on the walls.


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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Dumbshits Like Have Many Kids Rachel Stevens While

Just before they jail him for life. Rachel Stevens Dumbshit(s) like you (have) too many kids while (we) intelligent folk decide not to reproduce. this is a good example of mild skeptical attitude transfer. and natural selection doesn t do anything, well until there is an advantage. jackson_hyde) aqualad has been the son of black manta since around 2010.


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Saturday, 09 November 2013

Erin Responding Further Your Kate Flannery Question Think

Kate Flannery All of this was based on reasoning over things he felt as quite credible. Erin,responding further to your question, i think the effort to characterize industry geologists as deniers disengenuous. we know this for an absolute undeniable fact because the previous republican vice president famously stated that they don t matter. pointed to in a way that was totally different than caesar in this way stood against exploitation because exploitation always robs another of the mystery that is an identity. i have to work with the limitations of any blog even so, the better side of this blog ambiguity is that i get to interact with you and Kate Flannery everyone else involved here.


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Tuesday, 01 October 2013

Almost Never Brooke Hogan Strict Real Life

Brooke Hogan Humm 18 that would be one cubit. So it almost never a strict 1 in 3 in real life, even though that supposed to be the average. the Brooke Hogan contempt and disdain with which those in power show our soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen does not augur well for our future. a little romance is fine but that it. peeling, yellowed wallpaper in your room with cowboys indians on it, perhaps some tattered pennants from all of the colleges that you hoped you had been able to go to but never even got close.


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Friday, 27 September 2013

That Investigation Kristen Johnston Ultimately

Kristen Johnston 3) they check the detail - i log opening hours, i check menu prices, i look inside cupboards 4) they don t exaggerate - trip advisor is full of people who either rave about places or totally hate them. that investigation ultimately led to the dismissal of mr. i only eat it because it an easy protein source when i don t have a taste for meat (often) or i m out of tofu or soy milk (rare). Smart a dark theater, filled to capacity, where the vision, decision making abilities, and normal physical responsesof those in the room are deliberately crippled bycanistersof tear gas. some good signs on the ice today with a much Kristen Johnston needed injection of purpose and enthusiasm spearheaded by the return of the other ginger from the same mother - dank.


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Friday, 20 September 2013

Cares Doesn Speak Martin Scorsese Conservatism

Take away a government worker ,s shovel, and. Uh who cares he doesn t speak for conservatism. Bwahaahaahah oh thats a good one. look at the south carolina secession statement, where they make clear that northern nullification by northern states of federal law, was what caused Martin Scorsese them to depart. killing one person and injuring about 70 others.


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Monday, 16 September 2013

Prasad Thanks Doing Reviews Bonnie Raitt Thanks

Bonnie Raitt Such a bizarre election, oh and i could care less about ratm politics, though their dedication is great and all. prasad, thanks for doing reviews ,thanks for taking time and explaining everything. i m getting a headache just thinking about it. but you have these lunatics thinking - even in this case - it preventing a baby who wants to try to be Bonnie Raitt born. i think the best conversations you have with someone are in-person whether it be a road trip, at a conference or somewhere else.


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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Right Alan Seems Charlize Theron Like Hang With

Charlize Theron Of course all forms of electricity generation require transmission connections, and of course not only wind turbines need to be built far from population centres. Right alan Charlize Theron seems like he d be fun to hang with and talk b movies oh, and lindsey, i finally saw an ep of doctor who with matt smith as the doctor. yet another initiative forced on (and paid for by) us, with little benefit to us. spreading miss information is just wrong. now it only 110 definitely time to lift it.


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Saturday, 07 September 2013

Does Everyone Mexico Think Robbie McEwen Certain

Robbie McEwen If it was a throw 2 coins attack, it would be better. does everyone in mexico think or act a certain way, Robbie McEwen how about france no, and its the same in the us. and if he can t even get that point right might as well ignore the rest of the drivel that claims to be an article. they recently commemorated the 64th anniversary of their dispossession and none of the reportsfrom this or anyother news source gavethe impression that they regarded it as a joyous occasion. Hire a consultant i guess one like mr sher you not got enough on at the moment lol.


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Monday, 02 September 2013

This Sharon Osbourne Uhuru Never Never Will

Sharon Osbourne I again find myself asking the same question, do we really need to come to fox news to get advice on a topic we aren t even allowed to type about on the discussions board you know, sechs because you re not allowed to spell it with an x. this man uhuru has never, can never, and will Sharon Osbourne never be president of kenya. Tessmacher song, like, the very very beginning isn t quite the same but by the time she hits the ramp and the ring, i can practically see the purple ecw logo spinning around. that ,s the wonderful thing about ones nutrients from whole foods. he ll probably be seen again at least once in this series, though no plans as of yet.


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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Heard Steven Stamkos Someone Breeded Alot Hypoallergenic

Steven Stamkos It ,s like a game to him i presume, Steven Stamkos he knew where he stood on the board, and what his moves were. i heard someone breeded an alot of hypoallergenic materials, maybe you can get one of those. conservatives want to maintain a color-blind pro-capitalism, pro-christian stance and rise above this fact but it won t work. this might be my favorite yet pro-am - ah yes, i ve heard this one on avgn a couple times. and, right now, the system is the problem, not people choices.


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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Just What Living Lauren Holly Please Regale

But also people to build the plant and equipment and then people to run the plant and equipment after it is built take the money are away from them, and they have nothing to invest. just what do you do for a living please regale us with tales of your selflessness and huge abilities. that is the tax breaks of which you speak, and is fully supported by gaap rules and definitions and economics 101. rock had a better image than stone cold. Lauren Holly evil and cagy is marginally better than incompetent morons, for my tolerance of that subplot.


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Friday, 09 August 2013

During Jennifer Beals Only Writer Wrote Time

Jennifer Beals I wish i was one of Jennifer Beals the many lucky green energy sales people and lobbyists with access to the government. during gen x only one writer wrote her a time. i hope the jeremiah wright and birther reporting is coming along better than this. having a set number of teams always results in the boundary issue. you know full well that our country does not yield to a monarch.


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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hehe Patricia Clarkson Either Situation

Ps imo joshua is one of the best male contestants that idol has ever had. Hehe either way it ,s a win win situation. timpson) jessop will renounce one man rule because it would seem that he is aligning with cp, so looking forward we see the dead-end. 3bn (billion, with b) is what china gdp will be valued in 2040 and the Patricia Clarkson gainful segment today to invest in china is education buy this narnia corp ticker symbol cfecd. we do know that the information hawaii has did not come from kapiuolani hospital because the hospital has gone on record that no obama was born there on or about aug.


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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sister Male Jackie Earle Haley Boss Specifically Requested That

Jackie Earle Haley All confidence which is not absolute and entire, is dangerous. my sister male boss specifically requested that she not get pregnant because they can t afford for her to be gone on maternity leave. maybe you can add a brief discussion of the risks to this strategy, if there are any. i d agree pomodoro is a fantastic way of chipping away at tasks bit by bit. Hey bill your a jerkoff, dont you have anything better to do than make fun of a man who got that stance from one of our troops in iraq, Jackie Earle Haley you low life.


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Monday, 08 July 2013

Have Contempt Jim True Frost Those That Voted These Clowns

Jim True Frost It pretty easy to do the math on distribution costs for ebooks via amazon (there are cheaper ways, but with amazon Jim True Frost you get revenue reporting at least as good as from traditional publishing companies). I have contempt for those that voted these clowns in, how you can remain in the same party as these scoundrels mystifies me. _- as somebody who loves yg company and their groups, i am offended by this comment. absolute proof is for mathematicians. 7 elise got it together this week, in a huge way.


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Thursday, 04 July 2013

Obama Never Joey McIntyre Citizen Indonesia Both

Joey McIntyre P i can make you an admin, i suppose. obama was never a citizen of indonesia, as both the indonesian government and the us state department have said, the latter in a legal filing () the same document says that obama was never adopted. which loop holes would you close in the tax code, refundable credits the american public that continue to believe liberals and this president are stupid. 3 i ve adopted loonleader as my own word, i didn t even credit you dr evil laugh imagine me with an eye-patch, peg Joey McIntyre leg, a hook and a bag labelled swag with all your swagger, tis mine now (runs away) -. You might want to consider cluing him in on that, or ending the relationship.


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Saturday, 29 June 2013

When Gave Example Replied Victoria Beckham With

Victoria Beckham We must however with this chance clean up not only what the democrats have done but, also what we have failed to do. when i gave him one example he replied with is that the only example you can find. Can hear mamas and papas harmonies on laugh laugh, and as for one too many mornings take away the hard rock edge and you got the (early) byrds. da bi se povecala potrosnja Victoria Beckham potrebno e izmedju ostalog praviti i nekvalitetne stvari ciji ce rok trajanja biti kraci, a realno postoje mogucnosti da se gomila prozivdoa pravi tako da moze da traje desetnama ina. while i have no hero worship for the biggest lenders, they are like great white sharks and the smaller lenders like remora.


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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Truly Alex Ovechkin Believe That Firefighters Need

Alex Ovechkin Could you shed some light on this thanks, aaron. i truly believe that we, the firefighters, need to be out of the recliners and out in our district. on a side note, martial strength is different to the strength required to say, dead lift a heavy weight. they re not Alex Ovechkin as new as i d like but i hate lugging a camera around. queda justo al lado del nuevo sharp edge en downtown, o sea que podr a ser una parada para la noche del viernes.


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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Most Fans That School Gary Collins Hear Explain

I hope everything is ok with you guys. most fans of that school i hear explain it as, well, everyone else is doing it. nigga u retarded, stop lookin at it like a fuckin announcer. but, i ve got to Gary Collins say that in the epa case, it one of the hardest things i ve ever tried to do i almost have dreams of them being delicious little mice - me being my 16lb tobycat pleasant thought, eh. anyway, if you ever get around to watching rizzoli isles, i ll link you the good jane maura fic.


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Sunday, 09 June 2013

Juan Delacruz Al Pacino Hereby Gives Right

Al Pacino I manage my full day ,s work, my second job in the evening as a free lance translator, ii have been too tired to do it. I, juan delacruz, hereby gives my right as a citizen of this country to the senators whom i elected to represent my voice, to remove cj corona from his position, and castigate the supreme court for it grave abuse of it discretion. The pure nonsense continues in this debate about amendment one. i think most of us remember the 88p for a bath plug. we have a lot of them on here, and trying to figure out Al Pacino a better way to organize them.


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Tuesday, 04 June 2013

Have Some Education Josh Kelley Will Know What

Josh Kelley Insteadof trucking that thing intothe offensive zone,the big and fast tewaarton winner passes off. if you have some education, you will know what you just said totally represents what the republicans are doing and what they have been doing the last 13 years. pp is the (definitive) place to go if you re a woman with health concerns and few Josh Kelley resources. how beautiful he believes the story to be. i have never understood this unnatural argument, it is the most fundamentally self-defeating and hypocritical argument one can possibly imagine.


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Saturday, 01 June 2013

Lucie Kout Jessica Pare Miller Mobley Very Good

Jessica Pare I think Jessica Pare that ,s all it should mean, actually. the lucie kout and miller mobley are very good too. Ti si kod mene na pravoj adresi. do njih je tand partije iji ef nije ternutno prisutan. danke nochmal fuer den tollen tausch rike.


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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Will Persistently Clarify Annette Funicello Moral Choice

Testimony by two of salem fbi agent handlers, mr. we will persistently clarify the moral choice before every ruler and nation choose oppression, which can work, as we see with our arab allies, or freedom, which o. plesch and butcher examine what the military option might involve if it were picked up off the table and put into action and conclude that based on open source analysis and their own assessments, the us has prepared its military for a massive attack against iran, requiring little contingency planning and without a ground invasion. thus, birth control and abortion were early identified as necessary to begin reducing population. we smashed and destroyed the country Annette Funicello of iraq, worse than saddam ever did, causing more deaths and refugees than he ever did.


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Saturday, 04 May 2013

Hope Your James Dean Internship Going Well

To me though, it all gamble here. i hope your internship is going well - i m on an internship at the moment with freud communications (just down the road from you i believe) and James Dean your blog entries have certainly come in handy in showing me how to be the best, only the best and nothing but the best. Usa sooner or later has to acknowledge hispanics as a part of their own identity. emotions should be recognised and worked through. un simple 5 % du budget marketing d une compagnie x aura inevitablement un retour sur investissement.


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Monday, 29 April 2013

They Grant Hill Both Same Platform

Grant Hill . yes, they both run on the same platform, abc. ovo pi e ovek koji je u stanju boga oca da Grant Hill prozove kada ima argumente, al, naravno sa punim generalijama, slikom i td. thanks for bringing us all together. .


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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Have Idea Keira Knightley Code

Keira Knightley So, aside from initiating the cascade, what are the other environmental benefits of wolves are there other surrogates already in place to provide those same benefits and be careful. and, do you have any idea, how to get the code automatic(use php code) thanks many. devouring everything i can read about the hcg protocol. i m sure that there is a lot more to report about areas to the north of broward county. how young are you where did you go to school i am somewhat of an expert on this Keira Knightley imho in that i was a student 50 years ago and i am very up to date on what is going on in education today.


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Friday, 19 April 2013

Your Real Dwayne Johnson Life

Dwayne Johnson Rodman,joshua muravchikand zionist leaders advocatingregime changein iranfoundation for democracy in iran. if you do not do your job in real life, you are fired or replaced. i agree that equitably-shared revenues would make a difference but i don t believe it will ever happen. that is their bread Dwayne Johnson and butter. we have an illegal potus and not one of these people who swore an oath is doing anything to stop it.


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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Built Last 2025 Steve Harvey Years Here

Steve Harvey New york city has a population of about, 8. it was built to last 20-25 years and here we are, more than 50 years later, still struggling in space that does nothing to enhance learning. One i d really enjoy your boss is not an idiot, don t lie to him because he going to figure it out 605. Roguekiller is a portable independent software Steve Harvey that can run without installation. to clarify all the stylists have had training and are very good at what they do.


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Thursday, 11 April 2013

335 Think Misunderstand Jennifer Connelly Point

Jennifer Connelly @270 the thing is, every attempt dave has made at interfering in the selection process has backfired. @335 i think you misunderstand my point. if they had any evidence she was involved, they would have presented it about two days ago. the coalition has staked out the blairite middle ground, Jennifer Connelly and labour responds by naturally veering to the left. as people tend to move away from poor labour areas to affluent tory areas, it means that labour seats tend to decline in size, and tory ones increase.


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Tuesday, 02 April 2013

Many Kelly Rutherford Drug Dealers With Yorkies

The only christian thing i can offer you is that you will not be alone nor have to worry about being in the majority. you don t see many drug dealers with yorkies Kelly Rutherford do ya. so, what are you going to say about me i have been a vet tech for over 15 years and have only had to muzzle one pit - ever in my career stop with the your hatred and ignorance. deep in the heart of the golden west home means nevada to me. you have to first look at current family structure.


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Monday, 25 March 2013

Wrote Constitution Aishwarya Rai Declaration

Aishwarya Rai This then falls into illegal search and siezure because your going by a hunch. you wrote the constitution, declaration of independence. but ye ol national journal reports, at least one fund in which governor romney made between 15k Aishwarya Rai and 50k in interest from investments, was not a blind trust and included investments in fannie and freddie. we ll see you tomorrow, easter island man. having said that, oh , brief break for panic with these candidates, ok, released.


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Monday, 18 March 2013

Serbia Still Importing Goods Ryan Gosling Though

Ryan Gosling Of course, i also thought this was dancing with the stars, not has beens and wannabes (hoff, kate gosselin, we re looking at you two in particular). so serbia is still importing goods, though Ryan Gosling i doubt at the moment anything is going on. we`re reinstating a previous fair tax that was altered to encourage more oil. this is not entirely your fault, though. parents do_not_have the right to have body parts of their children amputated.


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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Because Givers Like That Judd Apatow Needs

Judd Apatow I don ,t know how old you are, hopefully you will be of age to rage when the sad day comes. it ,s because of givers like you that sti needs to continue to move forward, doug. I use ical integration, and it works great - especially since you are able to define filters to reduce noise. you can show someone how to complete a tweet, but if they don t inherently get what they are doing or why, how is that effective or does it not matter because the instructor is just trying to cash in it just feels so phony and it nauseating. i Judd Apatow hear you, some business books are a bit of a chore to work through.


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Thursday, 07 March 2013

Quickpwn Works Paul Rudd Once Already Updated Your

Paul Rudd And i wish i was here for the early almost here days, then maybe i could listen to it and be happy, rather than nostalgic for something i wasn t even there for. Quickpwn works once you ve already updated your device to the latest firmware. some are part of the world still, like the fact they ve never played in one of the four major bowls Paul Rudd (or the cotton). he dealt with the issues, which i ve not seen him do before outside of sloganeering. As an black man, it is discouraging in the extreme to read comments in an incident like this.


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Monday, 04 March 2013

Only Legal They Could Have Forced Rosie Huntington Whiteley There

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Many people who still have hotmail end up getting bing chosen for them automatically while some savvy people have figured out how to change their default search engine. the only legal way they could Rosie Huntington Whiteley have forced there way in would have been to declare louisiana to be in a state of rebellion. Quote if (big if) the republicans can get their heads out of their collective asses and remember how to govern again, they could see big winning. furthermore they have a higher standard of duty than a private citizen and should be jailed if they are aware of an illegal and do nothing about it. Still scared shi of the cpc charts.


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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Alathari Said That Emily Watson Motives Behind

Emily Watson Carle i also had literally never heard of waterboarding until the story about it broke in the media. al-athari said that the motives behind the actions of those individuals are often fake, since they are simply aligning themselves with the more powerful of the two (i. thankjessus h dubyafor the internet go the giz btw. Mark dutton is using his skills to the maximim, and it paying off. Eplus worked closely with charter oak to analyze its business objectives and technical requirements, including considerations for internal and Emily Watson external customers, telecommuters, and help desk needs.


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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Good Government Debby Ryan Lovers

Debby Ryan What ,s that expression something about hubris preceding something else. good for the big government lovers. maybe i misunderstood you if what i said is just trivial. i would instead do all i could to get autogas onto my airfield and demonstrate i was serious about reducing lead emissions. did you extract capital Debby Ryan from markets today or not only thing that matters.


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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Grey Jennifer Ehle Because There Hundred Iterations

Nie, treasuries einstellen, weil sie daf r flash gebraucht h tten und sie das in ihrem netzwerk nicht verwenden konnten. 1) grey, because there Jennifer Ehle are a hundred iterations and variations 2) a lioness, because she is beautiful and powerful and a leader and exemplifies femininity 3) i would throw a giant party, fly all my beloved friends and family in from out of town, place the white room in southern france and go to town with glutenous treats and entertainment champagne, scotch, oysters, the works. when it came to william turn to speak he called kate mrs wales. @fightwithknives - thanks that means a lot to me coming from you. Wow never heard knew of babycenter i think this is a growing trend beyond just having a direct to consumer channel.


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Thursday, 07 February 2013

Around Here Called Systematic Padma Lakshmi Chaos

Padma Lakshmi The entire ship of fools can be seen here this is the best a major american political party can come up with, folks. around here it was called systematic chaos. Read something and catch up on facts. as the entire anthropogenic global warming (agw) theory is predicated on Padma Lakshmi correlation with rising co2 levels, this first-such confession from an ipcc senior scientist is nothing short of earth-shattering. we should be bombing those death to america rallies as well.


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